Bootstrap, HTML5, Mobile Application, Python, User Flow, UX Creative Direction, UX Strategy
Ethno Research & Personas
Thomson Reuters

Intellectual Property UX Lead IP is becoming more global and complex, putting increasing demands on your time and resources. I create UX Strategies for patent and trademark support. Global expertise, resources and technology help ease the workflow, map out strategies with confidence and act decisively in times of change.

UX Principles, Graphic Design, Human-Centered Design, Agile, Legacy Migration, Bootstrap, Python and HTML5 integration,
Evaluation, Ethnography Research, Persona Story-Boarding, Work Flow Analysis, UI Direction

Patent Search: 3+ Million Users
Migration to Cloud: Update Legacy Architecture and Back-End
6 Identifiable Personas
Mobile First

The realization that doing UX right means some fundamental changes to process, tools and mindset will have to take place.
Just hiring a bunch of super talented people doesn’t get you great solutions or experiences.¬†As companies realize this – an emphasis
not just on UX, but on change management, and how companies absorb and “adapt” to different approaches that align with
the core values and cultures for which they are creating solutions.

UX Creative Director | Strategies