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UX Creative Direction - Core Values

Its not enough for creative teams to know tools and processes. To really be successful, teams must also understand organizations. The overlap of UX and business is a fast moving trend, designers must have the agility and adaptability to quickly understand the core business and operate within. As larger and more friction-filled organizations seek to focus on UX, we must become experts at the dynamics of clients – the soft skills – and operate at the overlap of business and user experience. My core direction for any team that I lead is education, collaboration, accountability and example. Every member of the team has a superpower. I recognize, develop and encourage this unique quality, which provides the foundation for a rich creative culture. This environment is the foundation for the team to arrive at solutions that provide delightful experiences and meet the core business expectations.

Tools I use to create a culture of creativity, safe and effective team building while identifying each members strength.

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